SAVE was registered as a Third Party Advertiser with Elections Alberta. SAVE stands for Save Alberta’s Vibrant Economy, and the Facebook Page is:         

Economically speaking, Alberta HAS been the jewel in the crown for decades. In 2015, with a negative 3.6% GDP growth rate, it was the lowest in Canada. 2016 will also have a negative growth rate (estimated to be about -3.0%). 

The panacea for all evils of course are the oil prices. But that is the attitude of governments that has led us to this dire situation. The provincial conservative government ruled Alberta from 1971 to 2015 and is the root cause for the non-diversification  of Alberta’s economy. I certainly will not give them a chance again in 2019 to destroy our economy. 

The NDP government in the past 18 months has added fuel to the fire of our economy’s destruction. I have never seen a provincial government anywhere in Canada so ignorant and idealistic that it increases taxes in a recessionary economy and is more concerned about redistribution of wealth when our province has the highest unemployment rate in the last two decades.

This site has been launched to deal with the economic issues of our province and to enlist your support. 

Rauf Kadri.                                             December 26, 2016

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